How it works?

Do you really want to BE TALLER — without resorting to gimmicks, elevated shoes, gadgets or tricks?  It may seem impossible and even ridiculous but recent scientific findings confirm that —

You can be 1 to 5 inches TALLER — permanently, SAFELY and in just a few weeks!  Your age, sex or nationality does not matter.

You can be a teen-ager, over 25 years old, man, woman, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, American, French or whatever.

All you need is to apply our new "DYNAMIC HEIGHT INCREASE PROGRAM".

Even now, we guarantee that you will become TALLER if you faithfully and fully apply this program or your money back!  Yes, BE TALLER or you pay NOTHING!

But we want you to know this vital facts first:


  2. Can one who is 25 or older still can increase his height?

  3. Are there some gadgets to be used?

  4. How can one increase his height with this program?

  5. How can these scientific exercises increase one's height?

  6. How much time must I spend n performing the exercises?

  7. How long will it take me to obtain results?

  8. Why should you want to increase your height?


It is the newest and most complete program of increasing one's height from 1 to 5 inches safely, quickly and permanently ... without the use of drugs, apparatuses or other artificial means.

It is based on scientific findings of height increase institutes and the best height increase systems in France, Canada, India, Great Britain, the United States and others.

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2.  Can one who is 25 or older still can increase his height?

Yes! "Scientifically speaking, the universal notion that at or about the age of 24 the joints have attained their permanent condition of growth is now seen to have been erroneous." Anthropologists of the noted Smithsonian Institute said.

Recent evidence was confirmed by the noted anthropologist, Dr. Ales Hardlickas, indicating that growth can continue until age 40 or shortly thereafter.

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3.  Are there some gadgets to be used?

None.  You do not need any gadget, appliance or apparatuses with this program.  No cream, pills or injections.

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4.  How can one increase his height with this program?

Through scientific STRETCHING exercises.

That stretching can increase a person’s height was also accidentally discovered and proven in France by Dr. Francois Sambucy, head of the Paris Clinic.

In treating his patients who came to him for relief of spinal pressures and rheumatic ailments, he discovered that traction also increased their height. Some added two inches to their height through it.

When one of his patients discovered that height could be increased by stretching the vertebrae, word traveled fast and soon many flocked to him, not for rheumatic ailments but for an increase in height.

Some of those who came were wives of very tall men, men who wanted to marry tall women; policemen, mailmen — and many others.

"They go through the same stretching treatments given to patients with spinal column problems," he said. "The exercises and stretching did it."

Using the exercises, his patients claimed that their additional height became permanent.

One Col. Atkins, aged 54, of New York testified that he increase his height by 1 1/2 inches by performing specific and recommended exercises.

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5.  How can these scientific exercises increase one's height?

By:           1) correcting a stoop or improving one’s posture, and

                2) expanding the invertebral discs of the spinal column.

And this program does it with the uniform development of the different parts of the body — legs, arms, hips, etc.

Dr. Henry G. Beyers in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, wrote in his article, "The Influence of Exercise on Growth," that "any increase in measured standing height discovered within a few years after 20 could be caused by change in posture, the correction of a stoop or merely improved tone of muscles or expansion of invertebral discs induced by physical training."

Many are shorter than they should be because they have developed bad posture. Some develop the bad habit of stooping unnecessarily through the years, causing or aggravating the curvatures in the spine. By correcting bad posture alone, others reported an increase in height by 2 or 3 inches!


Notice the three curves: at the neck, a forward bend; the middle, a backward bend; and in the lower back, another forward bend.

It is said that as we grow older, the degree of these curves increases or deepens because of the weight of our head and torso — and because of bad posture.

Therefore, by reducing the degree of each curve, one actually becomes taller.

Another way of increasing one’s height is by stretching the elastic vertebral discs of the spine.

One proof of this is the common observation that a person is taller upon waking up in the morning than before going to sleep at night.

Discussing the subjects, a certain Dr. E. H. Bradford commented:

"The fact that a person is taller in the morning than at night has long been known and has been attributed to the expansibility of the invertebral cartilages."

The stretching exercises in the new "DYNAMIC HEIGHT INCREASE PROGRAM" are aimed at helping you to effectively expand the invertebral cartilages of your spine.

Here are excerpts from "The Making of a Beauty Queen" published in PANORAMA (July 7, 1974); FROM "That Ain’t the Way to Breathe, Baby" published in WEEKEND (August 31, 1979); from World Briefs — "Chinese Boys Getting Taller" — under Foreign News Column of the BULLETIN TODAY (January 22, 1980); and from "Bodybuilding for Children" published in the Times Journal (April 18, 1982) respectively which substantiate this claim.

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6.  How much time must I spend in performing the exercises?

Only 15 - 30 minutes daily and right at your own home.

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7.  How long will it take me to obtain results?

Some reported an increase in height after one week, but you will see a noticeable or marked increase in height between the third and the sixth weeks.

This means, it will not take years or even several months before you reap the fruits of your labor.

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8.  Why should you want to increase your height?

Many of the best things in life got to the taller person — success in getting a job, winning the opposite sex and gaining social acceptance.  All things being equal, the taller person gains more admiration and respect.  Even in some jobs or courses, some height requirements is imposed.  In gatherings, the short person often becomes the butt of jokes.

Why be short for life when it is very easy, costs very little and far more rewarding to be TALLER?


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